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This website is dedicated to improving mental health for all, be it stress, anxiety, depression, panic or insomnia.

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Ever asked 'Am i depressed?' ,take a depression test today!

Take the Free Online Depression Test to self help yourself
Knowing that your are depressed can be a worrying thing, If only there was a test or quiz i could take to see how i am doing and learn to self-help myself into getting better, well that now exists, just follow the link and take a test or quiz today, To test yourself to find out your level of depression, then take the suggested course of action to lead you on the road to recovery.Quiz or Test your Depression Today and find out your score.

Postcard to promote smugs and the #RelaxationCD

Monkeys holding a #RelaxationCD to promote smugs
Help!!! We need to self promote more! We have a great depression test/quiz, relaxation cd & facebook page but without sharing or promoting our site we are failing to help other people who need our help so 'Start Today' and If you would like to help promote SMUGS and the #RelaxationCD then please feel free to print off, obtain permission and pin up this postcard, on notices in Doctors Surgeries, Hospital, Coffee Shops, Supermarkets...etc.

Relaunch of our new website

Image of the relaunch of our website
We are pleased to announce the relaunch of our re-designed website using the new Joomla 2.5 content management system. The idea behind the website is to offer advice, help and tips on using your PC, laptop, netbook or tablet, and try to reduce your stress and anxiety sometimes associated with using your IT equipment. Our website is hosted and managed by which offer excellent website hosting, database design, joomla 2.5 support and stress free web services.

The 15th National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness Day
The 15th National Stress Awareness Day, which is held to celebrate helping people to beat stress will take place on 6 November 2013, and are proud to promote the important awareness of Stress and the need to reduce this illiness in the western world. Stress comes to everyone though life events, family issues, work problems, health concerns, its a combination of factors combined together like nails in your coffin to produce stress on your body and increase the likelyhood that you will become unwell from the effects. Read 8 simple way to control stress.

Leave your feedback now on our Facebook.....

Image for the Relaxation CD track 1 Eclectic Relaxation, Track 2 Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Track 3 Mindfulness Body Scan (Self Mediate), Track 4 Guided Imagery Relaxation (Best for Insomnia)
Using the power of, anyone can leave feedback and become a facebook friend of the Smug's website, Smug's have now joined the social media revolution, the relaxation cd is one of the best self help mediation cds, growing from strength to strength, used for insomnia relief, it's selling indidivually and in bulk to NHS organization. The Relaxation CD has been dispatched across the world, thats living proof it is a truely a global international product. This self meditation spoken visualation cd also available with blended music, truely helps the customer to over come their own stress, anxiety, panic, depression, insomnia and other mental illiness.

The Stress of living with an MS illiness.....

Ms Logo
The stress of living in a place that does not meet your needs, is not morally right and can lead to a more complicated and stressfull life. By signing this petition you can help Peter Chapman (ex RAF Harrier Liney) fight Melton Council in rehoming Peter and help to give him a better life and take away some of the stress of living with an MS illiness.

NEW FOR 2011 Money Back GUARANTEE...

Best relaxation CD with money back Guarantee
Smugs is pleased to offer a UNCONDITIONAL 30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE on all products sold on the smugs website, this is our commitment to our products and our customers, before you buy today read our excellent feedback about what customers have said about our products, CAN we say more than our customers, i am sure you will love and appreciate our products and help promote smugs to the wider World Wide audience, and this will allow us to help others further.

It time to change mental health discrimination...

Time to change mental health discrimiation
The time is NOW!!!, we must change everyone's belief about people with mental health problems, the time is now for change. So please PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT NOW and give your pledge to a worthy cause. Smugs is fully committed to this change and i have pledged, have you!, it will make a difference and give help to someone to come to terms with their mental health problems and be understood.

Concerned by your health symptoms...

No tablets self help depression symthoms Free Depression Test Quiz
That all sounded like me a couple of years ago, and during my deep depression episodes, i was prescribed anti-depression tablets, which did not agree with me. So i slowly researched into my health worries and this website is the result of that research. I would recommend if your feeling a little unhappy with yourself and experiencing unusual health symptoms you should try our free Online Depression Test. It could give help you to come to terms with your problems.

Now faster Google Custom Search...

Google custom search
Smugs can now harness the power of Google to create a customized search experience for this website, so don't suffer in silence, search for the answers, read articles and step on the road to recovery, you can do it.

Recycle and raise funds for the dogs trust...

Recycle for stress...
The stress of losing your dog, is very overwhelming, it takes weeks to recover and you can never replace the loss. So as a way to raise funds for the Dogs Trust, SMUGS, is looking to collect used ink cartridges, which in turn will raise money for the Dogs Trust..... , people can send the ink cartridges to SMUGS, 9 Pearl Road, Middleleaze, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 5TD or alternative you can receive a pre-paid envelope if you request it from the dogs trust website.

Swindon PTSD working group NEWS...

SMUGS is represented at the Swindon PTSD working group conference in the Marriott Hotel on the 3rd July 2009, we need to expand the name of smugs, so that more and more people can benefit from the forum, it will be big one day its just going to take time and money that's all. More details available from NRAH Website......

Recycle for stress benefits...

Recycle for stress...
Now with the credit crunch upon us, our services are in bigger need and we need to RAISE money for the SMUGS website, but guess what? We don't want your money, just send us your old computer cables, or any other household cabling, in a bag to S.M.U.G.S, 93a East Main Street, Whitburn, Bathgate, West Lothian, EH47 0RQ S.M.U.G.S receive's about �0.75 per kilo, times that by a 30 kilo bag times by 20,000 members, that's over �450,000 or half a million pounds.

S.M.U.G.S Website overhaul...

After being on the web for over three years, and suffering many setbacks, the smugs website has finally been overhauled with a fresh and updated look. Many other developments are happening behind the scenes, so keep checking back to see the latest news and views about stress, anxiety, panic and depression.

SMUGS needs your help?

Are you a health care professional? Would you like to contribute to SMUGS?, your article can be published here, author will be credited, so email the admin team click on the 'Contact Us' at the top of this page.