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This website is dedicated to RAISING AWARENESS on HOW RELAXATION (On CD) CAN Benefit mental health ISSUES, be it stress, anxiety, depression, panic or insomnia.

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Unique Self Hypnosis Best Relaxation audio CD (#RelaxationCD)

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Image for the Relaxation CD track 1 Eclectic Relaxation, Track 2 Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Track 3 Mindfulness Body Scan (Self Mediate), Track 4 Guided Imagery Relaxation (Best for Insomnia) Track 1 Eclectic Relaxation
Track 2 Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Track 3 Mindfulness Body Scan (Self Meditate)
Track 4 Guided Imagery Relaxation (Best for Insomnia) Relaxation at best with feet up on sofa relaxaing

The excellent BENEFITS of this Relaxation CD.

  • Take CONTROL of your life by Self Hypnosis.
  • Sleep better and reduce INSOMNIA.
  • Reduce DEPRESSION by sleeping more.
  • Learn to RELAX, by mindfulness meditation.
  • ELIMINATE Anxiety issues in your life.
  • Naturally REDUCE your blood pressure.
  • Manage and REDUCE your STRESS better.
  • Distributed to NHS Hospitals, GP's surgeries and other healthcare professionals, throughout the UK, European and the Rest of the World.

Using this GUIDED IMAGERY Self Hypnosis Relaxation cd of recorded scripts, relaxation and mindfulness exercises or Mind Mediation/Mindfulness, helps you to reduce your Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Stress or Insomnia.

This buy now button is only for people located in the United Kingdom, if you would require the relaxation cd posted to you for non-UK delivery any were in the world, please contact us before purchase to obtain a postage quote, our postage rates are honest and fair and we don't make a hidden profit from them.

Email sales@fmssltd.co.uk
V.A.T. is added to all paypal relaxation/stress cd sales from this website.

Read the amazing feedback we have about this self hypnosis relaxation cd, it continues to sell well and is going to be a best seller, as this RELAXATION CD is used by local and national health authorities, consellors, and the members of the general public.

This #RelaxationCD is a great method for relaxing and beating stress.

By buying this RELAXATION CD , it helps you also deal with stress, anxiety, depression and panic which leads to pain, insomina (Track four is very good for insomnia)and high blood pressure.

Its a great way to lower your blood pressure with out medication.

An Example of some of the Feedback we have received about this RELAXATION CD.